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Hokkaido Autumn Sale(Yearling)
19-Oct-2020(Mon) - 20-Oct-2020(Tue)
[Type]: Yearling
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JBIS 2020/09/24

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Hokkaido September Sale -Yearlings-

  • Lot : 601
  • Sold : 451
  • Gross : ¥2,211,220,000
  • Highest : ¥27,500,000
  • Average : ¥4,902,927

Top Horse Hip.NO 370

  • Sire : Vincennes(JPN)
  • Dam : Art Ryoko(JPN)
          by Taiki Shuttle(USA)
  • Final Bit : ¥27,500,000
  • Buyer :

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Notice concerning the 2020 Hokkaido Autumn Sale
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< Important Notice > Concerning the Hokkaido Autumn Sale
September 15, 2020
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