About JBBA

Introduction to JBBA

1955 and has since then been providing support to Japanese breeders and farms to promote the stable growth of the racehorse breeding industry in Japan.

In particular, the JBBA has imported numerous high caliber stallions from around the world with the aim of raising the standard of Japanese breeding and also preventing the overconcetration of certain bloodlines by contributing to the variety of sirelines available in Japan.
The JBBA operates three stallion stations in Japan to support breeders directly by providing affordable access to quality stallions.

Another way in which the JBBA offers support to breeders is through subsidies for upgrading of farm facilities and purchase of broodmares.

The JBBA also operates the Japan Bloodstock Information System (JBIS), a comprehensive online racing and breeding database service started in 1987, which offers information on Japanese racehorses, stallions, broodmares, progeny records, sales records, etc.
JBIS provides this information in a customized format to racing and breeding-related associations as well as breeders, assisting in the industry's efforts to produce superior racehorses and offer competitive and exciting racing.
The database is also available to the general public, making it a unique source of detailed information on Japanese racing and breeding.
JBIS is just one way in which the JBBA contributes to the racing industry, in this case by providing a wide range of useful and up-to-date information.

The JBBA aims to support racing through its multifaceted activities and will continue in its endeavors to promote the growth of racing and ensure that Japanese horses offer racing at the highest level.