Privacy Policy

The Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association (JBBA) provides various information services through its website, and in the process, may ask for personal information from users of the site. The JBBA takes the utmost care to protect your privacy and personal information.

This Privacy Policy explains the JBBA's policy on how your personal information will be handled on this website.

1. When will we ask for your personal information?

We may ask you to fill in your personal information when you are making an inquiry to the JBBA thorough this website.

2. What kind of Personal Information will we ask for?

In order to send you e-mails as part of our service and to communicate with you smoothly, we may ask you to provide your name, gender, age, e-mail address, occupation.

3. Purpose of Acquiring Personal Information

If and when we ask for your Personal Information on our website, we will inform you on why we require the information and what the information will be used for. Personal Information will be obtained only if you agree and at your own choice.

4.Extent of the Use of Personal Information

Personal Information sent to this website will only be used to the extent and purpose notified beforehand, and will not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent.

For example, if we state "Your opinion along with your name may appear on our website," then this information will only be used on our website for that purpose.

We may also disclose on our website statistical analysis of personal information, such as "This website was visited by this number of users," but we will not publicize any information that will allow an individual user to be identified.

5. Handling of Personal Information

Personal Information sent to this website will be managed in a secure environment inaccessible to the public in addition to being subject to strict security measures to prevent the loss, tampering, or leakage thereof.

The website itself will managed securely under the supervision of the Personal Information Manager.

6. Correction, change, deletion of Personal Information

In the event you send us a request for your Personal Information to be corrected, changed or deleted, we will confirm with you that this is indeed your intent and then make the according changes.

7. Encryption

This website uses SSL Encryption, a type of encrypted communication for exchanging data online. This ensures that information communication between yourself and this site is secure.

8. Links to external websites

This site may contain links to external websites. Handling of Personal Information on such external sites will depend on each site's administrative policies, in which case this Privacy Policy will not be applicable.

9. Outsourcing of website content creation

We may outsource the creation of digital content for this website to a trusted creative third party. In such a case, your Personal Information will continue to be protected under this Privacy Policy.

10. Revision of Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised in accordance with the establishment of or changes in related laws, etc.