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October 22, 2008 (Wed)

2008 Select Sale for foals sells Deep Impact's first 31 progeny for JPY 2,005,500,000

The Japan Racing Horse Association (JRHA) Select Sale for foals was held over two days from July 15 to July 16 at Northern Horse Park in Tomakomai. The highest priced foal was a colt by Deep Impact, out of Biwa Heidi, purchased by Takaya Shimakawa of Miyagi Prefecture for JPY 231,000,000. The highest price for a filly was the JPY 110,250,000 paid by Darley Japan for a full sister to Vodka, by Tanimo Gimlet, out of Tanino Sister.

select0_1.jpgAttention was focused on the first foals sired by Deep Impact and Heart's Cry. 36 foals by Deep Impact were offered and 31 sold for a total of JPY 2,005,500,000, with an average price of JPY 64,693,548 per foal. 13 horses by Heart's Cry also were offered, 11 of which were sold for a total of JPY 415,275,000 averaging JPY 37,752,272 per foal.

Foals sired by Unbridled's Song topped the list of average price by stallion with an average of JPY 77,700,000. Deep Impact came next at JPY 64,693,548, followed by Kurofune (USA) at JPY 59,430,000. This sale was dominated by foals sired by Sunday Silence (USA) until 2003, but this year, in addition to the first offspring of Deep Impact and Heart's Cry being offered, the atmosphere was bubbling with expectation and the fun of choosing foals sired by various stallions. However, the harsh economic climate at the moment, buyers were somewhat muted in their bidding and the auctions never really erupted with the usual excitement.

A total of 314 foals were offered (233 colts and 81 fillies) and 222 were sold (167 colts and 55 fillies), for a percentage sold of 70.7%, down 5.0 points from last year. The total value for the foals sold was JPY 7,705,950,000, which was also down 11.5% and marked the second straight year of decline.The average price was JPY 34,711,486 (down 4.3% on the year), while the median price was JPY 27,300,000, which was the same as last year.

JRHA Vice Chairman Teruya Yoshida commented that the Sale was a bigger success than they had expected given the current economic climate. They were also able to verify that the prices that were set were fair for both buyers and sellers. The effect of Deep Impact's offspring on the sale was positive and the increase in purchases from overseas was noted as another bright sign.
(Note: All auction sale prices given here include consumption tax.)