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Rules of Use

This Web site (hereinafter referred to as the "JBBA Web Site") is administered by the Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association.

Herein we explain some matters that we would like users to be aware of before they use the JBBA Web Site and also provide some useful information.


Text, photographs, illustrations, videos, music, software, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Content") on the JBBA Web Site ( may not be reproduced elsewhere, even if they carry a notice that they are the copyright of the Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association, but do not carry a notice prohibiting their reproduction.

Content may not be used for adaptation, public distribution, or for any other purpose, or in any form without the permission of the copyright holder,. Only Content on the JBBA Web Site is guaranteed. We are not responsible for Content at other sites that are linked to, or from the JBBA Web Site.

Also note that Content on the JBBA Web Site may be changed or removed without notice.

Links to the JBBA Web Site

If you wish to post a link to the JBBA Web Site, please contact us. Note that we refuse to accept links from the following kinds of sites:

  • Sites that go against public order and morals
  • Sites that are, or may be libeling, or staining the honor of a specific individual, or organization
  • Sites that charge users a fee for using the link to access the JBBA Web Site
  • Sites that may damage the credibility of JBBA
  • Other sites that JBBA deems inappropriate

Even after we have approved a link, if we judge that approving the link is inappropriate due to circumstances that have come to light after the link was approved, we may revoke our approval of the link.

When posting a link to the JBBA Web Site, please be sure to use a text link (the use of a banner with the JBBA logo is forbidden without the prior written consent of JBBA) and ensure that the JBBA Web Site opens in a separate window, not within a frame of the site hosting the link.

If you post a link directly to an individual page, please be aware that changes in site structure, server settings, etc. could result in the page disappearing without warning.

Links from the JBBA Web Site

Responsibility for the management and operation of sites linked to from the JBBA Web Site lies with the corporation or individual that administers and operates the site concerned. Such sites are not under the control of JBBA.

JBBA shall not be responsible for any loss suffered by users from the use of sites linked to from the JBBA Web Site. Users should follow the terms of conditions of such sites, and take responsibility for their own use of them.

JBBA only provides links to these sites for the convenience of users. It should not be construed that JBBA recommends the use of these sites or products, services and so forth, that are offered oupn them.

Additionally, the posting of links on the JBBA Web Site does not mean that JBBA has a partnership, alliance, or any other special relationship with the corporations or individuals that manage and administer the sites that are linked to on the web site.

Problems Relating to Access to the JBBA Web Site

JBBA shall assume no responsibility for software, or hardware problems with users' personal computers, peripheral equipment, networks, etc., that arise from their access to the JBBA Web Site, nor any loss that users directly or indirectly suffer as a result of such problems.