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Thoroughbred Breeding in Japan

Number of Mares Covered

The number of broodmares was 10,221 in 2006. This was only slightly lower, by 34, than the previous year's figure of 10,255, suggesting that the downward trend is coming to an end.

The number of broodmares hovered somewhere between 11,800 and 11,900 during the four years from 2000, before dropping through the 11,000 line to 10,966 in 2004. This figure then slid by 741 over the next two years, to 10,605 in 2005 and 10,255 in 2006.

This trend reflects a shift in the business policies of farms, under which they are aiming to enhance the quality of the horses they produce by breeding and raising high-quality broodmares rather than just producing large numbers of them.


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