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Thoroughbred Breeding in Japan

Number of Farms

There were 1,160 thoroughbred breeding farms in Japan in 2007. Of these, 527 farms (45.4%) had between one to five broodmares, 371 farms (32.0%) had six to 10, 139 farms (12.0%) had 11-15, 53 farms (4.6%) had 16-20, and 70 farms (6.0%) had 21 or more.

The total number of farms has declined considerably when compared to seven years ago, dropping by 419 farms, or 26.5%. The proportions of farms of different sizes have not changed much, though the number of farms with 15 or fewer bloodmares, has decreased significantly.

Small farms in Hokkaido are shifting away from thoroughbred breeding and into the production of other types of livestock or crops. Farm owners in other regions, have been aging, and many of them have retired.

Farmers in Japan's breeding industry nowadays, are increasingly choosing to specialize in either thoroughbred breeding, or in training.


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