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Select Sale
(Organizer: Japan Racing Horse Association)

This Sale Boasts a High Percentage Sold

This sale was launched in 1998 with the aim of creating a market for high quality horses, which for the most part were not normally sent to public sale before. The goal was to establish an open sale to make the market for thoroughbreds more liquid through fair trading based on free competition.

Over 70% of the horses put up for sale are sold, which is a highly unusual figure among Japanese auction markets. Additionally, a large proportion of the horses traded at the sale went on to win races. Numerous G1 winners have come out of this sale, including Deep Impact, which is said to be the best horse in the history of Japanese racing.

The Select Sale is held in the second week of July each year. The sale attracts the attention of people involved in racing from both Japan and overseas because so many carefully selected horses with excellent pedigrees are put up for sale. Powerful buyers from overseas also take part, aiming to procure horses with superb bloodlines that can only be obtained in Japan. The Select Sale has become an established presence in racing circles worldwide for having produced so many horses that have gone on to win races overseas.

Access to the Select Sale

The Select Sale is held at a specially-prepared site at the Northern Horse Park, which is 15 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport.

Hotels around Chitose:

  • Hotel Nikko Chitose (Tel: +81-123-22-1131)
  • ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Chitose (Tel: +81-123-22-2401)
  • Hotel Com’s Shinchitose (Tel: +81-123-26-3131)
  • Grand Hotel New Oji (Tel: +81-144-31-3115)
  • Grand Auberge Hokkai (Tel: +81-1456-3-2277)

Enquiries about this market can be made to the Japan Racing Horse Association (Tel: +81-3-3505-3455)


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