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Kyushu Sale
(Organizer: Kagoshima Prefecture Breeders’ Association)

A Special Prepared Site at JRA's Miyazaki Training Farm

This is a training sale for two-year-old horses that have been trained during the winter season, where the weather is so mild that there is little snowfall and the riding ground is free of frost. The goal is to have these horses compete in races open only to horses bred in Kyushu, which are held at the JRA's Kokura Racecourse from July. This sale is held in early May each year.

Access to the Kyushu Market

Held at the JRA's Miyazaki Training Farm, 25 minutes by car from Miyazaki airport.

Hotels in Miyazaki:

  • JAL City (Tel: +81-985-43-3811)
  • Hotel Merieges (Tel: +81-985-26-6666)
  • Miyazaki Kanko Hotel (Tel: +81-985-27-1212)

Enquiries about this market can be made to the Stallion Operation Department of the Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association (Tel: +81-3-5473-7091).


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