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Hokkaido Sales
(Organizer: Hidaka, Iburi & Tokachi Breeders’ Association)

Highest Sales in Japan

Over 90% of Japanese thoroughbreds are produced in Hidaka, Iburi, and Tokachi in Hokkaido. The Hokkaido Sales are the country's biggest and are administered jointly by the associations for thoroughbred breeders from three districts in Hidaka, Iburi, and Tokachi.

Sales are held four times a year for a total of 13 days. The sales for foals and yearlings and the training sale for two year olds see approximately 3,000 horses being offered for sale with active trading being conducted.

Hokkaido's horse breeding districts aim to produce strong horses that can achieve success anywhere in the world. They work hard to introduce famous bloodlines from around the world and improve their nurturing techniques. They have produced numerous horses in recent years that have performed well in overseas races. Thanks to their efforts, the level of Japan-bred horses is steadily improving. We are confident that horses put up for sale at the Hokkaido Sales can meet all expectations of owners.


This sale is held in the refreshing early summer weather at the JRA Sapporo Racecourse. The sale is gradually becoming internationalized as the number of buyers from abroad steadily increase.

SELECTION SALE (Foals and Yearlings)

This sale is held in mid-July, when the Hokkaido weather is at its best. Here you will see superior-quality young horses looking gorgeous against the vivid green of their surroundings.

SUMMER SALE (Yearlings)

This sale sees the bodies of the young horses glisten under the bright northern sunshine. A great sale that runs for five straight days.

AUTUMN SALE (Yearlings)

An autumn sale that allows the visitors to savor the flavor of the season.

It takes about one hour and thirty minutes by car from New Chitose Airport on Route 235.

Hotels in Shinhidaka:

  • Eclipse Hotel Shizunai (Tel: +81-146-43-3811)
  • Hotel Annex Inn (Tel: +81-146-45-2000)
  • Hotel Sato (Tel: +81-146-42-7211)
  • Hotel Laurel (Tel: +81-164-42-0425)
  • Business Hotel Makiba (Tel: +81-146-42-2316)

Enquiries about these sales can be made to the Stallion Operation Department of the Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association (Tel: +81-3-5473-7091).


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