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Message from the President


President YOHEI KONO

A thoroughbred that wins any race is the fruit of a 300-year-old bloodline, complete with the efforts of countless people who have been involved in developing it. The Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association (JBBA) is an organization of breeders that puts its whole heart and soul into producing nothing but the finest of thoroughbreds.

As an organization of breeders from across the country, JBBA contributes to the breeding, the nurturing and improvements, as well as the distribution of thoroughbreds. JBBA provides information to breeders, fosters cooperation between geographic breeding districts and promotes interaction with the horseracing nations of the world.

Now that Japan is producing horses that can stand tall on the worldwide stage, JBBA strives to bring prosperity to horseracing around the world to further develop the global thoroughbred industry.